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In my latest podcast episode, I speak with Bobby Harrington, a United States Marine and former oil and gas executive. Our conversation covers everything on leadership. We exclusively speak about the most important part of being a leader. 

Bobby Harrington also shares insights from his book, “Lead You,” discussing how the leadership journey starts with yourself. We discuss how to develop confidence in your abilities, and I even share a personal story about a time that brought tears to my eyes.

Other topics we discuss include: 

  • Unlocking a person’s leadership potential
  • How our values change through the years
  • Transforming New Year resolutions into challenges
  • How to ignite your passion for something
  • Succeeding by mastering compartmentalization

I invite you to listen to the full conversation, which will encourage you to self-reflect and challenge you to become a stronger leader.

And now I give you Bobby Harrington.

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