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Dr. Harry Milman is a forensic toxicologist, pharmacologist, and author with over forty years of experience at the US Environmental Protection Agency, the US Cancer Institute, the National Institute of Health, and the US Public Health Service. He has been an expert in over 300 civil and criminal trials and has authored over 70 scientific articles and 5 books.

Dr. Milman’s latest book, “Forensics: The Science Behind the Deaths of Famous People” is an analysis of the cause of death of 23 famous people, including  Carrie Fisher, Elvis Presley, Prince, Brittany Murphy,  Madonna,  Heath Ledger, and more.

In the podcast, Dr. Milman and I discuss the science of forensic toxicology, the most common causes of death, and the cause of death of a number of famous people.

And now I give you, Dr. Harry Milman.

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