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Ki Harris is the Executive Director of the Freedom Project Network, a system of youth empowerment programs serving students across the state of Mississippi. A fierce advocate for educational equity, Ki leverages his experiences to empower traditionally marginalized communities.

Today he joins the show to discuss the history of segregation and oppression, including the work his team is doing to dismantle these systems and what you can do to drive positive social change today.

Listen in as Ki shares the challenges he faced becoming a leader throughout 2020 and how his team has addressed the problems students have dealt with while having to learn from home due to the pandemic. You will learn the power of service-based leadership, why you should focus on helping out your local community, and how you can help to elevate the voices of the underprivileged.

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In this episode, Brian and Ki discuss:

  • Who the Freedom Project helps.
  • Why students need continued support after high school. 
  • The importance of questioning the history you are taught. 
  • What challenges Ki faced as a leader throughout the pandemic. 
  • Why it is crucial to focus on your local community first.
  • What service-based leadership is.
  • How you can help to elevate the voices that need to be heard.
  • How you can contribute to the Freedom Project Network.

Ideas worth sharing:

“Once our students graduate from high school, we should continue to support them and make sure that they are successful.” - Ki Harris

“The best thing I can do with these blessings is reinvest them.” - Ki Harris

“Exposing these children to the realm of possibility is all you have to do.” - Ki Harris

“I think that word of mouth is the best tool that we have.” - Ki Harris

Resources mentioned throughout the show:


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